Human Resources

Want a positive culture? Of course. Want to be able to communicate effectively with each and every employee, no matter where they are. Obviously. Forgeant creates actionable items from quick, automated, employee check-ins, which has been shown to reduce turnover by 30%. That’s money in the bank.


Happy employees are productive employees. Effective managers are smart decision makers. Forgeant drives smart decision-making and actions to boost engagement, lower regrettable turnover and increase productivity. That’s fewer things you have to worry about!


You want to have the best performing team at the company, but how can you lead without access to data? Without guidance? Forget about it. It’s impossible. Fortunately, Forgeant provides you with data from your team to help take them to be the best. And you? The best of the best.


Your inbox? Full. Your workload? Double. You don’t need another pointless survey from HR. You wants someone that listens without judgement/interruption, and actually does something about it. Forgeant just pops up periodically to check on you. And that feels good.

How It Works

Join Carmine as she uses Forgeant to check in on all her employees, which allows her to see trends in their corporate culture that have been invisibly blocking the company’s growth. Forgeant gives employees a direct, easy way to communicate their feelings, so Carmine can address issues before they become trends. 

Employees stay happy and healthy while working remotely, and Carmine increases productivity and improves overall company morale. Way to go, Carmine! 

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