Trying to understand the workforce is not a new endeavor. For decades organizations have been accumulating and analyzing data on why employees lose steam at their job.  In our most recent podcast, we sat down with Fraser Marlow, head of workplace research at Energage and had a great time talking about the dynamics of understanding the workforce. As the coauthor of the Engagement Equation and with a background steeped in leadership development and organizational improvement, Fraser had a lot to add to the conversation on empowering employees.

Organizations nationwide are starting to pay more attention to how well their employees feel meaningfully engaged at work. One of the main issues facing employees is that they often feel like they don’t have tools or resources necessary to get their job done. Many employees strive to give their best at their respective companies only to fall short do to external factors preventing them from excelling. After a few cycles of this type of failure, employees quickly stop trying as hard.

Marlow describes four main factors that his research considers vital to enhance employee engagement. Firstly, organizations must direct people towards a common purpose. Secondly, leadership must help people to feel connected, like a community, by developing a coaching mindset. Thirdly, managers must realize that investing time in helping employees is crucial to the organization’s success. And finally, effectiveness, companies need to cut the red tape that creates so many inefficiencies within the workplace. Fraser noted that this effectiveness component is the most crucial, as it allows the remaining pieces to be effective. However, all of these adjusts requires total shift in mindset. Simply instituting new policies in an attempt to fix the mechanics will not work.  It is not about “workplace perks” but a strategic running of an organization with employees at the center, that can be aided by data-driven HR supervision.

Employees deserve to be understood. Listen to the full podcast to see how organizations benefit tremendously when they listen and act on the improvement’s employees ask to see. By focusing on the four key areas that Fraser explained, will drastically change the look and feel of an organization’s inner workings. Employees will feel empowered to get their work done and achieve that sense of satisfaction that only comes with success. You are the start of change at your organization.

We want to give a big shout out and thank you to Fraser. We encourage everyone to go out and get his book Engagement Equation and check You can follow Fraser on twitter at @frasermarlow.

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