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He has contributed to publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, Glamour, USA Today, and The Harvard Business Review. His new book on the future of leadership is coming out Sept, 2019.

Companies today all too often view employee engagement simply as investing in perks and benefits to temporarily boost employee happiness. These efforts typically result in a momentary bump of engagement only to settle back down in time. These strategies are often employed because companies are simply pursing a metric. Instead of companies wanting higher scores, they should focus on creating a work environment where people actually want to work in.

Jacob recommended three steps in creating the ideal workplace.  His first step is understanding the three environments that companies can control.  He believes these three constitute the employee experience. These three environments are culture, technology, and physical space.  Culture is how employees feel working for the organization.  Technology pertains to the tools and resources employees have access to in doing their jobs.  Physical space is the space in which employees work.  Companies should funnel everything they do through these three filters. His second step describes how companies should put individuals in positions of power who care about employee engagement. When executives are not on board, companies are going to have a hard time making changes. His last step is a call to action. He suggests that companies always try and experiment with new initiatives. Companies should see what works and what does not. There is no single solution but rather a unique combination of initiatives tailored to the individual characteristics of the organization. To understand the identity of the organization and its current state, there are three sources from which employers can draw:  survey data, people analytics, and interactions with employees. With this information, employers can tackle the absolute most important task – act.  Companies gain a competitive advantage and ultimately succeed when they strive to create a culture where employees can thrive.

Companies need to see their relationship with their employees like of a personal relationship.  Listen to the full podcast to learn more on how creating the ideal workplace can help companies succeed.  Be bold in making that change happen in your workplace. Be a fire starter.

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