All too often when we think of organizations that have incredible employee experiences, we might think that these companies just give the employees whatever they want. In some cases, that’s true, there are some organizations where the sky’s the limit as far benefits and perks are concerned. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in that fantasy land of being able to provide our employees with a heath care plan that provides free monthly massages.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t have to blindly give in to the needs of our employees. Employee engagement does not mean that employees should be able to wave a magic wand and get what the want. This type of strategy is both unsustainable and ineffective. It’s unsustainable from a resource’s standpoint. Most companies would be hard pressed to be able to financially support this type of relationship with their employees. Furthermore, a workplace that has no boundaries or limits on what the organization should be providing the employees will absolutely generate a sense of entitlement. Employees will be less likely to value and appreciate the company as a whole if they feel entitled to whatever they want.

Companies have to create a balance. There must be a mechanism in place at each organization for them to know what is most important to the employee base and then find ways to provide the top sought after benefits. By working with employees, management will not only be able to provide the perks most employees actually want but would also be able to do so in a financially sustainable fashion. In this sense, organization fill their primary responsibility to the employee as a quality provider of resources to enhance the life style of each person that works there.

In a recent podcast, John Baldino, MSHRD SPHR SHRM-SCP, spoke about the importance of being a resource to employees. In the episode, he talked about his personal journey to always be a resource for those around him. As President Humareso, he attests to the positive impact that being a resource has on his employees. Because his people know that he will do anything within reason to ensure that have a positive experience, they see well above average levels of engagement. To listen to the rest of podcast, visit Forging Employee Experience. To connect with John, visit him at LinkedIn or Humareso.

Organizations do not have to provide an unlimited amount of resources to effectively enhance the employee experience. But they do have to provide some. By having an attitude of wanting to be a resource for employees and opening up that two-way dialog, organizations will understand exactly what they need to provide their employees in order help them become more engaged.