For being entrenched in a society with so much change, we love the status quo. By default, most people prefer to find a situation that they are comfortable with and stay there. It takes so much incentive to force a behavioral change that entire industries have been built around getting people to do something different than they are used to.

Those charged with crafting a positive employee experience are often victims of this inertia. It’s an unfortunate paradox: if an organization has been around long enough to need intentionality in the management of their employee’s experience, they are profitable, successful and less likely to think any change to culture is necessary. This business success is too often viewed as the end goal and provides a false sense of success. Profitability is never the end goal. It’s certainly a major milestone but once it becomes the sole purpose of an organization, that org will soon see the beginning of its decline. Instead organizations should be prepared to fight against this inertia and continuously strive to improve.

Companies must be constantly looking for ways they can improve the lives of their employees. They must be intentional about how they go about creating a better experience for those they employ.

In a recent podcast with Kristen Harcourt, Global Executive, Leadership & Career Coach, we had the privilege of discussing this concept of strategic intentionality. One of the highlights of Kristen’s message was her point that as we work to break out of the inertia that prevents us from making an impactful difference on the workplace, we should err on the side of kindness. It’s so easy be overwhelmed with all that goes into making a great place to work. However, if we are committed to kindness and respect, our policies and initiatives will reflect that, and our company culture eventually become one where people want to stay. To hear the rest of the podcast, visit Forging Employee Experience. To connect with Kristen, visit her at her LinkedIn or at her website.

Not becoming complacent with profits and being able to break through the inertia inherent with success, organizations will be able to saturate their companies with a culture that exudes kindness and respect. This cannot help but create a culture which employee have a deeply positive connection with the place where they work.