What We Do

We are an employee experience software AI solution. Utilizing industry-leading participation rates, our software collects real-time feedback from employees to provide HR, Executives, and, most importantly, Managers with an understanding of how their people are feeling … TODAY

Beyond just data collection, Forgeant software equips managers with ALICE, our AI Leadership Inclusion & Culture Expert. 

ALICE provides managers with leadership training modules to digest the data AND learn how to become the best leader for their unique teams.

Let’s ignite team performance today and create an all-around better place to work!


Our Vision

Everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute meaningfully in a way that makes them happy. Employee engagement and job satisfaction are abysmal. And they have been for decades. Nothing has changed and the needle hasn’t moved.

Not on our watch! We have built a software solution that will actually drive real and meaningful behavior change. We want to help shape a workforce of incredible leaders who understand and value their people.