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Employee Experience Matters, Whether We Want It To Or Not With Tom Krieglstein

The easiest solution to the handling employee engagement is to ignore it. The details and intricacy of understanding how people feel and adjusting to those feelings requires a great deal of effort and time. It requires a shift in mindset and a not small amount of awareness. So by and large, organizations simply stick their head in the sand and pretend like it’s a pop psychology fad that doesn’t matter.

But we know it does.

Hiding from the problem, or any problem for that matter, doesn’t go away because we choose to ignore it. People never wanted to be in a contract-based relationship with their employer, so the idea that we can simply pay people and call it a day, doesn’t work.

Every moment of everyday is an experience for employees. They unavoidably participant in the culture of the company. They are victims or beneficiaries of the interactions and politics of the workplace.

This inevitable participation in the ebb and flow of the organization means that ignoring the problem will absolutely not make it better. Nine times out of ten, it makes it worse.

In a recent podcast with Tom Krieglstein, founder of Swift Kick (an organization that trains leaders on creating a culture of connection), he described the nature of the work force as a dance floor. He asserts that all employees are essentially just attendees at a dance. The most engaged employees are dancing in the middle and the least are sitting by the wall with their arms folded wishing they were somewhere else. The goal of an organization is to get people in the middle of the dance floor actively involved and participating. This powerful construct is called Dance Floor Theory and is how Tom and his team help engage employees at organizations across the nation. To listen to the rest of the podcast visit, Forging Employee Experience, and to stay connected with Tom visit his website at

The company culture of an organization is very much like a dance that everyone must attend whether they want to or not. If the dance facilitators, or company leadership, tries to pretend like engagement doesn’t matter than the company culture will fizzle like a dying party that everyone eventually tries to leave.